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 | Gopfrich Winery & Vineyards | AboutGöpfrich Vineyard is situated in the northern Dry Creek Valley appellation of Sonoma County. This region produces some of the world’s most renowned red wine grape varieties. Our program is small and of very limited production, but committed to excellence. The grapes are all hand selected from our own vineyards, and the wines are entirely produced, aged, finished and bottled here on the premises.

We take great pride in the two words on our label: Estate Vineyard. These words mean that nobody has a wine with the complexity, balance, and flavor profile that are unique to our own vineyards. You are enjoying not just the craft of the wine maker, but the unique expression of our own vineyards and the magic of the Dry Creek Valley Appellation. All of our wines are available only at the winery.

Ray and Bonnie Goepfrich

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